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Songwriter Gerald Smith is originally from Statesboro, GA and has resided in Nashville, TN
since 1986. A prolific songwriter, Smith has penned such number one songs as “What Part Of
No” for Lorrie Morgan and “Every Second “ for Collin Raye. He has also had cuts by George
Strait, George Jones, Johnny Rodriquez, Clinton Gregory, Taylor Made, The Bankesters, the
Rigneys, Darin and Brooke Aldridge, Evie Tausen, Justin Mcbride , Becky Hobbs , Moe Bandy,
Joe Stampley, Arite Rodriquez, Curtis Wright, Bobby Marquez , Karree Phillips and many more.

Gerald also appeared on numerous occasions as the Georgia Quackerjack on the syndicated
TV show HeeHaw and Nashville Now with Ralph Emory back in the late 70’s and 80’s. He has
performed on stage with Roy Acuff, Mike Snider,Lulu Romans, Percy Sledge, Jerry Reed,
Barbara Mandrell, T. Graham Brown, Grandpa Jones,Dickie Lee, Tony Arata and many more.
In addition to the country cuts, Gerald has also had 6 top 20 Christian Country hits which he
sang himself and 5 Country Number 1’s in the country genre sang by other artists. Gerald is
presently writing for Melody Roundup Music in Nashville and is also a performing artist on
Melody Roundup Records.

His single “You Play Like Chet” went to number 8 in the Americana Roots chart and is number
16 in the New Music Weekly Chart. His album and single is #1 in the ArkansasRoots chart.
Gerald was inducted in the North American Country Music Hall of Fame in 2011 and was given
the Legendary Songwriter Award and recently received a 3 million Air Play Award from BMI for
airplay of “What Part Of No”.

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Mentoring Session: Gerald Smith

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